About Perpetual Digital
Perpetual Digital is Perpetual Corporate Trust’s innovation company. Perpetual Digital leverages the firm’s 133-year history along with its market-leading position in Australian securitisation and expertise in trustee, trust management, data, analytics, benchmarking, business applications and securitisation to support the digital transformation of financial services organisations. 
Perpetual Digital’s solutions are delivered across three product groups: Perpetual Data Services, Perpetual Roundtables and Perpetual Business Intelligence.
Perpetual Data Services, which includes the Australian Data Warehouse, hosts 58 lenders with 20 years’ history and around A$320 billion mortgages, and supports clients’ RBA & ESMA regulatory reporting along with investor and intermediary reporting.
Perpetual Roundtables provides portfolio insights and benchmarking of approx. A$2.4 trillion of retail loans across multiple asset classes via industry discussion forums focused on regulatory, credit, risk and treasury.  
Perpetual Business Intelligence (PBi) is a data management, analytics and business applications ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) that empowers domestic and global financial services institutions and investors with the tools and insights necessary to automate key treasury, regulatory, credit, risk and investment processes. These enhance capability, drive efficiencies, improve reporting and analysis, and drive key decisions. 
Perpetual Corporate Trust (Perpetual) is a leading provider of corporate fiduciary services to the securitisation, debt markets and managed funds industry, administering more than A$941 billion on behalf of its clients, as of July 2020. Services include trustee, trust management, accounting, customer loans custody, financial custody, standby-servicing, data and analytics solutions. 
Having been involved in the Australian securitisation industry since its inception in the 1980s, Perpetual plays a leading role in supporting the industry through its regulatory and technological change.
Perpetual’s extensive knowledge of financial markets, its trustee heritage, and the expertise and experience of its team are the foundations on which digital solutions are built to solve industry and client challenges.

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Rod Ellwood
General Manager, Debt Market Services



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