Agenda highlights

  • A global market in a closed-border world including US post-election insights and US perspective on Australian assets, the latest on Brexit and Eurozone fiscal and monetary policy and Asian market outlook and investor engagement.
  • Issuance and investment opportunties in New Zealand: Emerging from the pandemic and Trans-Tasman investment.
  • Crisis management: resilience and response including lessons from past crises and pandemic preparedness, government support and the competitive landscape.
  • New market dynamics for securitisation in 2021 and beyond: TFF, CLF and the changing position of banks, supply and demand dynamics for housing credit and lending outside the residential market in particular SME lending.
  • Credit quality discussion including asset performance, safety of securitisation structures and potential impact of responsible lending changes. 
  • Streamlining market access including getting ready for a digital leap, making ESG a reality, and property market outlook.
  • Economists' roundtable: what to look out for globally in 2021.

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