NEU Capital


Neu Capital is a full-service debt advisory business, with a focus on securitisation, structured debt, fund finance and corporate debt across public and private mid-market companies. Clients include Australian and New Zealand companies seeking institutional funding from $20-$300 million-plus.

Neu Capital specialises in designing and executing structured funding solutions to solve both vanilla and non-vanilla securitisation structures. The firm works with originators to enable them to source optimal funding structures, refinance existing warehouses or to achieve their first institutional facility.

Neu Capital’s global network of institutional investor relationships spans several hundred domestic and overseas banks, credit funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, pension funds and family offices. 

Since inception in 2017, Neu Capital has arranged over $1 billion in transactions. Neu Capital has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

Edward Jones
Managing Director
+61 415 473 425
John Powell
Managing Director
+61 407 727 667

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