Flexstar Mortgage Corporation, Starship Asset Management and Starship Securitisation are part of the Stargate Flexstar Group, an industry leader in the business of direct-to-consumer mortgage lending and wholesale mortgage-backed securitisation in Australia since 1972. Stargate was founded by its current executive chairman, Vernon Spencer, and has a long history in the business of Mortgage banking, loan processing, securitisation and asset management.

Stargate is 100% privately held by the Spencer family. In 1979, the group was responsible for the first issue of residential mortgage-backed securities in Australia. It pioneered the introduction of Australian RMBS in the primary and secondary mortgage markets and has been actively involved with the mortgage industry for the past 48 years.

Flexstar originates residential mortgage loans under the “Well Home Loans” brand, using a unique fintech origination program that enables a borrower to obtain a residential first mortgage loan directly online. It provides a genuine loan commitment to the borrower – subject only to the completion of certain minimum standard conditions – and the majority of the process to settlement is completed electronically without human intervention or involvement.

Vernon Spencer
Executive Chairman
+61 412 430 043
Scott Spencer
Chief Executive Officer
+61 412 497 114


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