Deloitte’s market-leading securitisation practice, unique among the big four in Australia, has global reach and capabilities that allow it to leverage the skills of the world’s largest professional services organisation and to access the most up-to-date market practices.

The Deloitte securitisation advisory team works closely with many industry participants on a range of projects including issuance, warehouse funding reviews, prudential standard compliance assessments, debt advisory and M&A due diligence.

Heather Baister
Partner, Audit and Assurance



+61 2 9322 5911
+61 409 696 886

Xenia Cobet
Director, Audit and Assurance


+61 2 9322 7305
+61 422 733 181

Andre Wyrsch
Manager, Audit and Assurance


+61 2 9322 3056
+61 458 597 471


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